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  • Software development

    Our developers are able to find the best solution, accordingly to your time and finance resources, without reference to complexity of your problem.

    We have huge expertise in:

    – Development of specific client-server applications for business

    – Development of applications for Stock&FOREX markets

    – Desktop applications for PC

    – Mobile applications development

  • Web-development

    We provide:

    - Custom Web Development

    - CMS Development

    - News Portal Web Development

    - Enterprise Website Development

    - ECommerce Web Development

    - Highload Web Development

    - Web applications

  • Dedicated teams

    PRIX offers a dedicated team of developers to ensure a qualitative approach and maximum efficiency for your business. Dedicated team is an offshore development center, which operates solely on the customer's company, devoting to his projects all the experience and skills.

    All the developers from the dedicated team are working on just one customer. They also provide reports directly to the customer and follow his instructions and timeline. The structure and size of the team are determined directly with the customer and can be changed at the request by signing an additional agreement.

  • Outsourcing for Startups

    We provide consulting and outsourcing support for startups. We are ready to work with different finance compensation plans.

  • IT-consulting

    Our main purpose is providing solutions for various issues that you can meet both when a new project starts up and when there you need to improve an existing one. For small businesses, IT consulting services can act as a good tool for successful company expansion.

  • Техническая поддержка и сопровождение

    Техническая поддержка

    Мы предоставляем бесплатную поддержку и консультации по всем нашим работам в течении "Гарантийного срока". В течение этого времени мы исправляем ошибки, и, в случае необходимости предоставляем документацию и проводим обучение использованию разработанным решением. Величина "Гарантийного срока" определяется индивидуально дял каждой работы. По истечению "Гарантийного срока" консультации, багфиксы и Feature Requests предоставляются платно.

    Техническое сопровождение

    Техническое сопровождение предоставляется как для разработанных нами решений, так и для сторонних, которые созданы другими разработчиками. В случае работы со сторонними решениями мы обычно проводим аудит, тестирование, и лишь после этого приступаем к обработки запросов на Feature Requests.


We use technologies, which are shown below:

- PHP( Yii,Zend)

- Magento CMS

- AJAX, Javascript, jQuery, ExtJS, Angular.js, Backbone.js

- ASP.NET, Sharepoint

- C++



- Bootstrap

- Ruby on Rails

- MySQL, PostgreSQL



Majority of our works are protected by NDA. Project description could be sent on demand


  • Ukraine, Kharkiv, Slesarniy alley, 1/11
  • +38 (063) 105 69 33
  • ceo.prix
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About Us

Prix-it – your responsible partner in the field of IT-services.

We respect your worthiness.

We have individual approach to every consumer. Our managers will assist you to choose such IT-solution, which as much as possible corresponds to the peculiarity of your activity.

Collaboration with us is comfortable and pleasant

Our managers will speak with you by simple language and take the hint.
To obtain the final result you do not need knowledge of HTML, PHP and other terrible words.

We highly appreciate your time.

If you have need in development of composite application, you don't need to waste a lot of time on communication with programmers, designers, testers etc. Our manager will do it instead of you. We suggest wide spectrum of IT-services, which is sufficient for solution of tasks of any complicacy.

We like to do our work in high-quality and quickly.

Our technical personnel has high experience in the field of development of IT-solutions. It gives the possibility to develop solutions of high quality quickly (as soon as possible).

We'll be glad to see you as our customer.

Best regards, Prix-it web-studio team.